Blowing-the-Whistle on
“My Family’s Ordeal”


“My family’s ordeal” began in 2005.

“My family’s ordeal” is caused by “Deep State traitors* in:


Minnesota; and

Washington DC.

“My family’s ordeal” involves relentless:

governmental racketeering*;


many other “treasonous crimes*; and

outright treason.

As a result of the “crime sprees* against my family, my children and I have been separated and cut off from all communications for over 15 years.

* During most of “my family’s ordeal,” I addressed all authorities in the ‘legal system’ with respect. Now, I call those who destroyed my family, and those who have knowingly continued the “crime sprees” against my family to this day, exactly what they are: “criminals,” “racketeers,” “traitors,” etc; and I precisely describe their actions as “case fixing,” “racketeering,” “treason,” etc, for the benefit of readers and future juries. I mean no disrespect to any GOOD judges and attorneys in America and around the world, or to any other GOOD professionals and officials, who are not at all involved in the racketeering or treason and who should come together, NOW, to oust these traitorously rogue and downright evil people from OUR courts and OUR government offices.

“My family’s ordeal” is summarized here.

The “governmental racketeering,” “case-fixing” and treason are summarized here.

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